How to use this app

COVID Practices:  We follow CDC guidelines and Local requirements; New Mexico no longer requires mask wearing in most public spaces, but if you want to wear a mask, that's okay!


  • Artists looking for Tour and registration information should go to the SFSAC website at this link.


  • Go to Browse  Artists in 87 Studios (indicated by the paintbrush icon) to see participating artists.  You may choose to see all artists at once or narrow your view to a category of art.  If you scroll quickly through the list, be aware that 20 artists load at a time and there may be a delay between 'batches of 20'.  If necessary, pull up from the bottom of your screen to trigger the next batch of 20.  To see them all, keep scrolling until you find the last artist on the list in Studio 74.
    • Tap an image to go to the artist's page to see more of their work,  contact details and to get directions to their studio.
    • When on an artist's page, tap the vertical three dots, then tap the star or bookmark to mark your favorites and those you want to visit on your Tour.  Note that artists have shared their favorite nearby restaurant or activity to help enhance your experience during the Tour.
    • On other pages use the star icon to navigate to a list of your bookmarked items.
  • Use the Search function (touch the three dots menu icon to access the search feature) to search for:
    • an artist by name
    • an art category, but it's better to use the art category groupings on the SFST Artists Page.
  • See all open studios by selecting either the West or East Tour Map from the main page to see studios west of St. Francis or south of I25 OR studios  east of St. Francis. You may toggle between the two views by selecting the options at the top of your screen.
    • If the map feature doesn't load properly, please use your browser to navigate to to use the website version instead - all of the features will be there for you. 
  • Peruse the 2023 Schedule to find a talk, demo or workshop to participate in during the week.  Some are free, space is limited and some require RSVP and/or registration, so plan early!


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