Studio 19 - Mireille Haboucha

NOTE:  Due to health reasons, Mireille's studio will not be open the first weekend of the Tour.  Be sure to check her out during the second weekend!

Category / Medium: Glass, Jewelry


Kiln-formed fused glass is my medium. As I layer, work and shape glass, it never ceases to surprise me with how it transforms itself.

Though fused glass is flat, I try to convey depth, using color, fiber and inclusions in fixed wall pieces.  I love to work with textures that create rich, complex matte and glossy surfaces. 

My aim is to create a newness in this visual form, one that evokes a strong emotional experience.  Witnessing nature deeply inspires my work -- how small we are within mountains, rivers and great old trees.  I sense light, warmth and coolness in the play of highlight and shadow. 
I try to evoke the serenity of flowing movement in layers that are deep yet subtle, evocative and balanced.

I first worked in stone as a sculptor, then found fused glass a powerful medium that allows me to give voice to my inner world.  Making art, for me, is unravelling a puzzle through being curious, observing, and experimenting.  But it is my intuition that leads me. My art is as close as I can come to communicating meanings too nebulous to put into words.