Studio 49 - Debra Self - DragonCatStudio

Category / Medium:  Mixed Media
Paintings / Drawings

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The Line in the Form - The Message in the Line. 
Chinese Calligraphy is as much a philosophy as it is an art. Historically calligraphy in China was considered a higher art form than painting. The process of creating a work involves mastery of the character and understanding of its meaning, history and script styles over centuries. There is a serious discipline in loading the brush with ink, controlling the water and reaching a skill level that allows for the energy and interpretation to show in the work. I both follow the rules and break the rules, much like in life.
My work initiates from mastery of Chinese written characters in their various historic styles through repetition and concentration, then through to abstraction. There is no effort or intention to create a legible character, but I do work to respect Chinese artistic and calligraphic composition while incorporating some Western art principles. I blend ancient and new, demonstrating timeless themes. Interpretation should be personal to the viewer.