Studio 54 - Melinda Silver Fine Art

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings - Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Materials

Favorite nearby restaurant: Lotus Dumpling House


I began my artistic career as an illustrator and graphic designer for print media; pen and ink were my best friends.  Now I venture into the abstract, painting with mixed media – acrylics, paper collage, unusual substrates, hot and cold waxes and oils.  Recognizing the tensions that occur from historical, political, social, religious, and even geological forces, I confront the unknown and challenge myself to listen to the painting and go where it takes me.  I keep moving forward through the process until the painting is "fully baked".  Terrified by what I am doing, I recognize that this method of creating new works of art mirrors life and has the potential to produce a final image that is richer and more nuanced than any pre-planned painting.  Then, when traveling, I return to watercolors for fresh ways of looking at the world.