Studio 55 - David Hofmann Studios

Category / Medium:  Paintings/Drawings - Mixed Media, Oil, Watercolor

Favorite nearby restaurant: Iconik Coffee Roasters


As an artist I try to capture feelings that transcend words. My medium of choice is painting. I often don't know what the end result of my paintings will be as they evolve during the creative process. Painting a literal representation of a subject comes naturally, but to paint a feeling is a challenge. 

Geography has a powerful influence on my psyche and process. The seas off the East coast supplied influence through movement, shape, color, and sound. The New Mexico skies now move me similarly. The sky here is the ocean of the desert.

Transitioning from the traditional environment of the East to Santa Fe has had a freeing effect upon my artistic expression. I have found a depth here in my art and creative process I had not experienced before.