Studio 69 - David Zeiset, Artist

Category / Medium:  Digital Paintings, Drawings, Photography

Favorite Restaurant:  Jambo Cafe


We spend a great deal of our lives looking into the tunnel of photographic images; thousands every day. This repetition tends to mold us into thinking of this experience as reality. It is a kind of reality. But it speaks to a ‘one way’, mechanical form of vision, reflecting digital transmission and the physics of lenses. 

The seduction of this form is that it allows us to peer through the photo-tunnel into other worlds. The downside to this persistent flood of images is a numbing effect in our thinking. We stop looking critically. We operate in a vicarious space that is not ours. Imagination is stifled by the sheer mass of photographic imagery. 

What I’m doing in my work is finding ways to back out of the tunnel. I compress the space, shift the lighting arbitrarily, manipulate the color, alter the depth of focus, sharpen and soften at will, bend and stretch forms and shapes while maintaining a true relationship to the medium: pixels in a dot matrix.

The goal in all this is to make art in an ‘anti-photo’, reformed image that obscures the window and seduces us back to our contemplative nature, emphasizing the real challenge of human existence: To Create.