Studio 76 - Adam Emery - Adam's Monsters

Category / Medium:  Ceramics, Mixed Materials

Favorite Restaurant: Horseman's Cafe

I sometimes think about what colors I use and which combinations to use. Having clay in my hands allows me to lose myself in my thoughts as I feel the grains against my hands. “

What the clay wants then pops into my mind as an organic form. Since childhood I have been listening to the clay; listening to my imagination and letting it run wild! My experiments with glazes using chance to create new colors and embracing the mysteries of the kiln. I adore neon colors and using color bursts.

Viewing my work is like a journey through the cosmos seeing a new world full of vibrant life, emerging from a dream-like state.

I want to take you on trip into my mind into a world of unimaginable colors and show you the ethereal realm I’m constantly giving life to. 

Let the weird and macabre take over as the colors wash your soul. Let your mind take flight into my world.