Studio 74 - Shan Ogdemli Art

Category / Medium:  Acrylic, Paintings/Drawings

Nearby Favorite Restaurants:  The Pantry Dos

I believe there are unseen patterns and structures that exist in multiple dimensions across the multiverse, surrounding, connecting and influencing everything in the material and non-material realms. My aim as an artist is to capture the essence of those unseen structures and bring them forth into the visible physical world in the form of colors, patterns and images.

I’m inspired by light and color, Nature, the Earth, the Cosmos, patterns from biology, geometry, astronomy, physics, quantum physics, metaphysics and the interconnectedness of all things. I’m intrigued by the mathematics behind the patterns and structures of living organisms, by the way the vibrational frequencies of sound can translate into visual structures, by the way the frequencies of spinning electrons create color and how color in turn emanates vibrational frequencies, by the mysteries of quantum physics, the mysteries of space-time and the mystery and wonder of life.

My acrylic paintings incorporate diatomaceous earth with gel mediums to create heavily textured surfaces with expressive brush strokes that add movement and energy. I make my own brushes out of dust broom straw to achieve the directional textures. Color and the vibrational effect it has on the viewer is an important part of my work, with color harmonies meticulously built from several layers of translucent and opaque paint. The full effect of the color vibrations and energy of my paintings are best appreciated in person.