Studio 85 - Art By George Cappannelli

We are sorry to report that for health reasons, George's studio will not be open during the Tour.

Category / Medium:  Sculpture

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Harry's Roadhouse

As a sculptor, I seek to rediscover the purity and honesty of art carved and modeled by hand.  In this process of discovery that avoids the use of power tools, I have the opportunity to enter into a deeper relationship with the stone, wood, clay, waxes and plasters that are my collaborators.  

I also have the opportunity to listen more closely to the call of my heart and to the promptings of my soul.In this way I have the privilege of sometimes touching beauty, of exploring the mystery that is life and, when I am particularly fortunate, catching a glimpse of the sacred.

This I believe is my birthright and my responsibility, and yours for creativity and our capacity to heal, to share and to love is the highest and best use of our gifts.