Studio 06- Lisbeth Cort

Category / Paintings / Drawings
Mixed Media


Favorite nearby restaurant:  Tesuque Village Market

Lisbeth’s fine art paintings are distinguished by a lively mix of patterns, saturated colors and rich details.  She combines watercolor, wax pastels, gouache and ink to present her subjects in joyful and lively ways.  Here acrylic paintings are enhanced by lots of color layering and she often adds final bits of color using French pastels.  Lisbeth’s award-winning work is internationally collected.  Her paintings have been featured in juried exhibitions, solo shows and galleries in New Mexico and Washington State.  More than a dozen museum shops and fine retail boutiques carry a selection of her stationary, art and artisan goods.  Lisbeth works out of her hilltop studio just minutes from the historic Santa Fe Plaza.