Studio 23 - Vivienne Riggio Sculpture

Category / Medium: Sculpture
Mixed Materials

Favorite Nearby Restaurant: Tune Up Cafe

Vivienne’s style is, in her words, collaborative. She partners with textiles, sheep, forests, paper, scrap yards, segundos, antique fairs, and together this collective lays down a blueprint of the current or next piece. It is a democratic process where each element has a voice and a purpose. Aside from the beloved churro and colcha embroidery, she intertwines leftovers given to her, that may be an old canvas, reins, bridles, rosaries, laces, anything with texture and ancestral history. 
Why does that matter, to bring ancestral history into her pieces? Touch, smells, tactile pleasures, sinking hands into the raw, gentle, and tarnished connect one to the origins of life. From that place imagination and skill converge to an inner pool that leaps out and transforms into art. Vivienne’s intention is to preserve the historic culture of New Mexico and her ancestors through the integration of these traditional, vibrant elements.