Studio 46 - Bette Yozell Studio

Category / Medium:   Paintings / Drawings
Print Making

Favorite nearby restaurant: Trader Joes      

There are two observations I hear a lot about my work: Your work is so varied. Your prices are so reasonable. My response to each is as follows: 
There are so many artists who do the same motif and style over and over. I admire their tenacity. There is certainly something to be said for easily recognizable work and long term problem solving. I enjoy working on a theme, as the books of my series attest, but I am most inspired by a fresh approach.
My prices are affordable because it is important to me to get my creations out of the studio and into the world. Nothing pleases me more than knowing that someone saw, appreciated enough to buy and wanted to live with or gift a piece. 
My work is usually representational. I am drawn to the figure and to studies from nature. My years in the stained glass studio may be evident in the hard edged forms and the simplification of shades. Similarly, my water color paintings often include some sort of window.

I have been working in papercuts since the covid pandemic began. I find that clean, well defined compositions are comforting at this stressful time.
Making art has always been the thread through my life, connecting all I do and much of what I wish to preserve from my visual experiences. I feel blessed to be able to do so.