Studio 71 - Pi Luna Art

Category / Medium:  Assemblage
Mixed Media

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Harry's Roadhouse

From a distance, Pi Luna's artwork looks like a painting but get up close, and you'll start to see the shapes and textures. She cuts up tiny pieces of paper from recycled magazines and assembles them into works of art. Initially, the process looks like a chaotic mess, much like the number Pi--an endless irrational number going on forever. At first glance, the chaos seems hopeless and overwhelming. But look a little closer, and you'll find that this irrational number also makes perfect circles that are balanced and whole. Each piece has a place, and each piece belongs. Pi transforms the mess into cohesive visions of hope, healing, and renewal. 

Pi Luna has an MFA from Goddard College in Interdisciplinary Art, where she studied the connection between math, art, and Jungian Psychology.