Studio 36 - Mitra Devon

Category / Medium: Paintings / Drawings

Favorite nearby restaurant:  The Tea House Santa Fe Restaurant


"The painting process keeps me focused on the here and now. The nuances of nature and the natural landscape and their inherent beauty are what inspire me to paint with oils. With my oils and brush in hand, I delight in the edges, textures, shapes and colors that hold me captive in a moment's time, in a specific place, mood and scene within my surrounding locale and its natural elements. Through painting, I seek to capture that one scene and moment that compels us to pause and take it all in.

It is my hope that the finished painting can focus the viewer's attention and move them the same way I was moved in an instance in time by a specific moment in nature and its surrounding scenery. With each painting I seek to reveal the fleeting light, movement, patterns and beauty that make the ordinary extraordinary. "