Studio 35 - Bettina Lancaster

Category / Medium: Mixed Materials
Paintings / Drawings - Pastel

Favorite nearby restaurant: The Tea House

Bettina Lancaster is a Bermudian born artist who lives in Santa Fe.
The pastel colored houses, turquoise ocean, and the flora and fauna of her island home, are a huge influence on her work. Bettina has lived in New Mexico for the last thirty years, and the wilderness within and without are her inspiration. Bettina’s paintings are a combination of figurative and abstract elements, usually drawn from the natural world.

Bettina started out as a painter, but has expanded to encaustic and mixed media. 

"Paintings for me are anchors to other worlds, other realms, other consciousnesses. These worlds are not always easily accessible in the daily momentum of our everyday lives. Art connects us to parts of our being, our soul, that may be at sometimes be elusive, but is where we ultimately vibrate at the deepest level.”

Joseph Campbell says “Myth must be kept alive. The people who keep it alive are artists.”

The latest body of work I am working on is titled “Peregrinatio”. Peregrinatio is a leaving of one’s homeland, wandering for the love of god, a pilgrimage.  Art making for me is a peregrination, a searching, and longing for wholeness. This body of work will include both paintings and mixed media pieces, and will be a celebration of joy and happiness.